University of Central Florida Rugby Clubs

Presents the Twentieth Annual Todd Miller Sevens Benefit Tournament

This guide is intended to give you all the pertinent information that you will need to know in order to maximize the enjoyment for all participants.

All proceeds from this tournament go directly to Todd Miller. He was a UCF rugger who severely injured his neck and spine during a rugby game October 26th, 1991. He is paralyzed from the waist down with limited upper body movement due to this tragic game. It is through this tournament that we get together to remember and support Todd and also to celebrate an awesome sport.

Sign-up: Entry fees will be $250 for the Men’s and Women’s Open and Men's Social divisions, $150 for the Boys High School divisions. Make check or money order out to “UCF RUGBY”

CIPP: CIPP registration is MANDATORY for all participants. We reserve the right to check for your registration number, but in the event that you take the field without being checked, you do so under the applicable guidelines set forth by the CIPP agreements- which means that USA Rugby, UCF Rugby Clubs, and UCF University enjoy a great deal of legal protection due to the inherent risk assumed by all participants. A photo ID and CIPP cards are required to be submitted to the tournament directors.

Kick-off Meeting: Registration and payments will begin at 8:00am on Saturday, June 30th. Kyle McCormick will hold the kick-off meeting at the registration tent at 9:30am to verify the rules, answer any questions, and collect any remaining team entry fees. Please have at least one representative at the tent at this time.

Game Time: First games will begin at 10:00am SHARP. IF you miss your allotted kickoff time appropriate actions will be taken based on the South Event Guidelines. If for any reason you should be late, please notify the directors at least one hour prior to the start of the tournament. No refund will be given for games missed.

Concessions/Vending: Concessions will be available at the field for convenience.

Alcohol and Dog Policy: UCF has a strict policy against alcoholic beverages and tobacco (of any kind) being involved with club activities. Do not have alcohol/tobacco in your possession during the tournament. Also, no animals are allowed to be at this tournament regardless of whether they are on a leash or not.

Tournament Director: Kyle McCormick

By signing below, your team acknowledges, understands, and accepts the following rules............

Team responsibilities:
1. Each team must submit legible rosters to the Event Director using the form provided before their first match.
2. Roster size shall be limited to 12 players.
3. Teams must conform to USA Rugby requirements regarding playing kit. (Most notably, jerseys/no tee shirts, numbered Under Armor is acceptable.)

NOTE: USARS sanctions exist for teams misrepresenting their liability insurance and/or that individuals possess medical/accident insurance.

All USARFU participants must:
1. be CIPP registered for 2015
2. wear matching, USARFU directed kit (rugby jerseys, rugby shorts and socks)
3. play for only one team during the tournament

To participate in the Open bracket:
1. Your club must be a full member of USARS as defined by USARS Bylaws.
Associate and LAU member clubs are not permitted to participate towards a national title.

2. Players that do not play 15s may play for any full member club during the USARS Sevens Rugby season, but only one club per season.

3. Players whose clubs are not going to field teams in any USARS Sevens Rugby Qualifier Tournament during the current USARS Sevens Rugby season, may play for another full member club as a non-club player. No more than two non-club players are permitted on the ten man roster per season. Such players must obtain releases from their team.

4. If a player is a regular playing member of a club that is also fielding a qualifier team this year, the player is bound to that club. (There are exceptions for college players and temporarily relocated individuals. Ask the event director if necessary.)

5. A player may only represent one club per season in Todd Miller Tournaments.

Additional Player Eligibility in the Open Bracket:
1. Players must fulfill all requirements pertaining to USARS club definitions.
2. A maximum of two non-resident players may be included on the 12 player roster. Only one non-resident may play on the field at any time.

Competition Rules:
1. The competition will be conducted under the auspices of the Host Tournament Committee which shall be under the direction of the Event Director. Their decisions in all matters shall be final, save for appeal to the USARS Vice President for Competitions.

2. Up to three injury replacements are allowed per game.

3. Each club must provide a touch judge for each match. Exceptions may be made by the Event Director.

4. Each match shall consist of two 7 minute periods with a 1 minute halftime interval except for the final which shall consist of two 10 minute periods with a 1 minute halftime interval.

5. Each team shall be on the field and ready to play at their scheduled time, as posted on the tournament board. A try will be awarded for each 4 minutes of tardiness with a forfeit of the match awarded after 10 minutes.

6. If a player leaves a game due to injury they may not participate any further in that match. The injured player may participate in later matches for that team.

7. If a player is sent off for foul play, he/she may not participate any further in that tournament. The Referee will forward the report to the player's LAU Disciplinary Committee for action.

8. The Referee shall be the sole judge of fact and law during the match. Tournament Organizers shall not be responsible for any dispute regarding the Referees decision on the field of play.

9. In the case of a tie at the end of divisional play, winners will be decided using a point’s aggregate system.

10. In case of a tie at the end of any "knockout round", a "Sudden Death" format will be used.

11. Men's play: A player can only be on one roster during the tournament. If a team uses a player from another team, that match is automatically forfeited. The offending player will not be permitted to participate in the rest of the tournament - including playing for his own team. Women's Play: A player can only be on one roster. Teams can use players on other teams but the match is automatically forfeited.

General Rules:
1. Alcohol is prohibited at the pitch.

2. Appropriate behavior is expected.

3. The post party (most notably the alcohol) will not begin until after your last match of the tournament has concluded. The pub will be open to ruggers, however, from 11am-close. (Directions to the party are inside the program.)

If a player, team, or club have any doubt(s) regarding their club status or player eligibility they should contact the USARS Vice President of Competitions for clarification.

This document is not a complete list of USARS specified rules. For clarification on additional regulations, please consult with the Event Director.

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