Hello All

I want to give everyone an update on what I am doing these days, but first I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the TODD MILLER 7’s TOURNAMENT for the last 20 years. I would especially like to thank the UCF Men’s and Women’s Rugby Club for all or your hard work. The money raised by this tournament has allowed me to pay for things I would not have been able to afford otherwise, such as: (1) allowing me to finish my degree at the school of my choice, (2) helping to pay for 3 handicapped vans, including my current one, (3) help to pay for some of the renovations/modifications to our house including a ceiling lift (to help transfer me to and from wheelchair and bed), adding an outside door to my bedroom (for easier emergency exit) and bathroom repairs, (4) purchase accessible exercise equipment, wheelchairs and wheelchair repairs and (5) an intensive therapy program called Beyond Therapy. I hope to use this years money to help pay for a new van and make some renovations in my room.

I still go twice a week to workout at the Shepherd Center (the rehab hospital where I did my initial rehab) – they have an accessible weight room and gymnasium. I work out the rest of the week at home or at a nearby gymnasium. I hope to continue to play quadrugby depending on whether my doctor will clear me after falling and fracturing my femur just below the hip. Anyone interested in learning more about Quadrugby can check it out at www.quadrugby.com. I plan on participating in riflery soon, the Shepherd Center has a team that competes in tournaments against able bodied and disabled shooters.
Again, thank you to everyone involved in the TODD MILLER 7’s TOURNAMENT, your hard work and the money raised are greatly appreciated. Good luck at this year’s tournament!

Yours in rugby,

Todd Miller

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This website for The UCF Rugby team and Todd Miller was made by the RMD studios click HERE for a preview of their portfolio.The UCF Rugby team are good friends and we need a hand in helping a good friend of ours, Todd Miller. We want nothing for the best for him. Every penny counts whether you want to donate twenty five cents a dollar or whatever you want, it all helps out!Cheers.